We are a brand that cares for its customers. Keeping customer delight at the fore front is our brand mantra.



At the corner stone of our existence we value our customers – much more than our business or our profits – Much like how a mother cares for her child. We believe that customer delight is what we live for and our core purpose of our business. Because if the customer is delighted with what we offer, then he will come back to us for more – And willy-nilly the Business grows – It’s as simple as that. Our philosophy as a brand in terms of what we offer, revolves around a high value proposition. We believe in designing and developing lifestyle offering that surpass the standards set by the industry. We strive to offer maximum functionality and comfort at a value for money price point. In our own brand ambassador Ms. Priyanka Chopra’s words: Whether it is a Castle or a home, we seek to offer Comfort. Grandeur can take a back seat till the time we can offer a fair share of cosiness and a great deal of comfort